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LeafJournal of the Godaime

The Legendary Sucker

2 August
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I am Tsunade, Godaime of Konoha. I am the granddaughter of Shokaime, grandniece of Nideaime, and student of Sandaime. I am one of the Legendary Sannin, the others being Orochimaru and Jiraiya. I am an expert in healing and other medical techniques, and I rely on my legendary strength to defeat my opponents. I can summon a legendary creature to assist me in my battles; my creature is a gaint slug named Katsuya. I love to gamble, and my lack of talent there has earned me the title 'Legendary Sucker'. I am chestologically gifted, and no they are not enhanced with chakra. I spend most of my time with my assistant Shizune and cute little piggy, Ton ton.
My fighting techniques specialize on unarmed strength, and medical jitsu.
If you are filing for funds that you have loaned to me please direct any and all correspondence to my assistant Shizune.

Academy Grad Age: 6 (I rock!)

Missions Completed
D-Rank: 40
C-Rank: 236
B-Rank: 467
A-Rank: 418
S-Rank: 95

Tsunade is Gambling Love

Tsunade Is Lost Love.

I Love Jiraiya

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